Hochzeit auf Mallorca – Weitere Informationen

Weddings in Mallorca
Mallorca is a 1,405 square mile island with a population of about 1 million. It’s one of Spain’s Mediterranean islands and part of the Balearic province. Getting married in Mallorca is a dream of millions of people worldwide. That’s why weddings are a big business in Mallorca annually.
The island has fantastic beaches, pristine shores, luxury hotels and villas.
However, the logistics of planning a wedding in Mallorca can be daunting and complicated.

A local wedding planner in Mallorca can help you pull together a fantastic wedding in this place where geography, culture, language, weather and logistics can get in the way. There are several issues to keep in mind when planning a wedding in Mallorca. We’ll do a run through of some of them including the wedding laws and the best venues for a wedding. There are legal and religious dimensions and requirements involved in planning a wedding in Mallorca.


Do I have to be a resident?
You don’t have to be a resident of Mallorca or Spain to get married here, except if you are Roman Catholic and want to be married in a Catholic church. If you aren’t then it’s better to get married in a registry, non-legal ceremony on your home country then come over for the wedding celebration. Civil weddings are permitted on a region by region basis, therefore, get the proper information from your wedding planner and corroborate with the authorities.

Best time of the year to get married?
The best wedding season in Mallorca is April to October. During this period the light is right, and the sun is bright but not very hot which makes it ideal if you want to have an outdoor wedding.
The sun tends to be up for 340 of the 365 days in a year which means that the window for a great outdoor wedding is wide.
The most popular months tend to be June and September. That’s why you have to plan ahead if you want to get married in those two months.


Locations and Venues.
Most of the weddings in Mallorca either take place in yachts, in a rural house, at a cliff overlooking the sea or at lawns on the seaside as well as beaches. Einige der besten Hochzeitslocations auf Mallorca finden Sie hier und hier


Grundlagen für Hochzeiten auf Mallorca
Die örtliche Religion ist römisch-katholisch und wird in den katholischen Kirchen abgehalten. Es ist möglich, den priesterlichen Segen von einem ausländischen Geistlichen erteilen zu lassen. Allerdings ist dies erst nach der offiziellen Trauung erlaubt. Die meisten Paare lassen sich woanders trauen und kommen dann für die symbolische Hochzeit nach Mallorca.
Standesamtliche Trauungen sind erlaubt. Aber auch dann gibt es viele Regeln für die standesamtliche Trauung.
Deshalb müssen Sie die örtlichen Behörden aufsuchen und sich vor der Hochzeit mit ihnen vertraut machen.


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